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This is my creative blog mainly for photographs which I have taken. I'll share some things that I've done and my 365 which I have begun. Call this my creative outlet, if you will.
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Jupiter on Flickr.

See that white dot? That’s Jupiter. How fucking amazing is that? I nearly climbed out of my bedroom window to get photos of this, trashing my bedroom in the process and injuring myself. Nice one!

#planet  #science  #sky  #nature  #night  #dark  

water droplet on Flickr.

my washing line is covered in water droplets. I love the reflection on them!


let your light shine on Flickr.

I know Curt only JUST like… tweeted it but I was currently taking pictures for photography so I had a camera to hand.

I’m not really creative with these photos, I know. but hey.

you can see the ‘patience in all things’ quote I write on my wrist a teeny bit, whoops.

#words  #curt  

shaun’s eye on Flickr.

A+++++ photography right thurrrrr~


intergalactic dress like a warbler day (32/365) on Flickr.

Warbler anniversary today. it was a year ago today that their first episode on Glee aired. the first time Darren appeared too… so proud.

therefore, it has been interegalactic dress like a Warbler day.


all day I had the feeling (33/365) on Flickr.

relevant lyrics are relevant because all day I’ve been dying to get home and break out my West Side Story DVD because FINALLY I can access my DVD cabinet and I have been dying to rewatch this in ages.

they’re doing a 50th anniversary celebration at the Royal Albert Hall in January where they’re showing a high definition remastered version of the film but the orchestra there will be playing the score, rather than the music playing from the film. it sounds absolutely amazing and I think I’m gonna go!


welcome back, warblers (31/365) on Flickr.

A+ nail painting skills right there.

tonight’s Glee was dfjkshasldjhslksjdhfkljdsfs amazing. okay. my Warblers came back. CURT MEGA SUNG SOLO. so damn amazing. ugh. Klaine were flawless. it was all good.


another galaxy (30/365) on Flickr.

not from today, sorry. Galaxy cookie crumble, me gusta.

college today. that’s it. yup.


burst (28/365) on Flickr.

not from today. more like from three years ago.

went to Arthur’s for a fireworks party. I swear Guy Fawkes Day/Bonfire Night is my most favourite thing ever.

I drunk a little too much. embarrassed myself. I know how to party, clearly.


to have a home (27/365) on Flickr.

went to look at Sussex university today down in Brighton…

I think I just found my new home. I want to go there so bad. it was wonderful. I’m just scared that they won’t give me an offer now but ugh. Brighton looks a little dreary and a little sleepy but the shops look cute and what not.

I’m excited.


last saturday night (29/365) on Flickr.

self-explanatory in relation to what happened last night, huh?


baaaaaah! (26/365) on Flickr.

I am SO behind. this picture isn’t from today, sorry.

had college, had media, went to King Du with the friends. that’s it. it was a good day. and it was my only day in college that whole week mwahahaha!


scared. on Flickr.

I forget some of these photos exist haha. this was a photo from my exam last year. edited the eye and mouth holes out of the mask


through the trees (24/365) on Flickr.

not from today, sorry.

today, I passed my driving theory test! I’m one step closing to passing and finally getting to drive my lovely Everett on the road all on my lonesome! saw the chums for a bit, had a hilarious time. they always make my day great. I love them so much, seriously.


the reporter’s notepad (24/365) on Flickr.

sunshine, today! another day off college because tuesdays are my day off. didn’t do much again. revised for my theory test, wrote another chapter of a story. I like writing. I really do.

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